Soft & Gentle Launch Aluminium Free Antiperspirant

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My mother is constantly going on about aluminium. It’s a known carcinogen and suspected contributor to Alzheimer but it’s used in lots of household items from foil to pots and pans. It’s even in antiperspirants. However hooray! now there’s an alternative, Soft and Gentle have created a 0% aluminium antiperspirant so you can go aluminium […]

Sass & Belle bring all the trends to Bloggers Hangout

Last weekend at The Bloggers Hangout I found out the answer to life’s biggest mystery, the answer to the question “What do you get the person who has everything”…and the answer is anything from Sass & Belle. The homewear and gift store is stocked full of quirky cutesy items and their table at The Bloggers […]

I curated my own PINK PARCEL at the Bloggers Hangout

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It’s not every day you get to curate your own “subscription box” but last weekend at the Bloggers Hangout, I got a taste of what being a buyer at Pink Parcel must be like…and it was difficult. The problem was that Pink Parcel partners with some of the hottest newest brands as well as stalwarts […]

Matcha T-Tox and Faust Potions at the Bloggers Hangout

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Energy. That’s what I’m missing. I knew it was something. These days I feel so exhausted, and no wonder as I’m up at 5am and working right through till the sun goes down…and in the Summer that’s a long day. So when I was at the Bloggers Hangout recently I made sure to stop by two […]

Can you regenerate your tooth enamel? REGENERATE ENAMEL SCIENCE Review

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Nothing gets on my nerves like the pain from sensitive teeth (Ba dum dum cha). Jokes aside, even the healthiest of people find that the most suprising of their lifestyle choices can contribute to tooth enamel. From vinegary salad dressings to juicing and smoothies, acid wears away tooth enamel. It’s not just acid erosion that […]

A few ways to be an active bystander

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It’s a tense time in post referendum UK at the moment. Alongside the economic uncertainty and political scrabble for power, the result of the advisory referendum has been seen by some people who harbour xenophobia and racism, as an excuse to act violently or aggressively towards some people. You’ve may laugh at a man’s 10 […]

Nails at Bloggers Hangout – Dinki Belle Nail Wraps and GelTouch

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The past week has been just insane, not only has the the UK, Europe and the World gone into post referendum meltdown but some people have gone so far as to express their morbid fear of melanin. So when I was a target of some of this behaviour in the post referendum aftermath, I decided that I […]

POP Pilates comes to London

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This weekend I became a POPster for the day as I visited an IRL (in real life) POP Pilates class in Central London. Now if you’re wondering what on earth POP Pilates is, then Where Have You Been? Hopefully you know what Pilates is, although my friend recently confused it with Yoga, so if you […]