New & Ooh – Ergonomic Makeup Brushes, Mermaid Drinking Receptacles and Microwaveable Notebooks

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Hello hello hello, welcome to New & Ooh, a little round up of newness that make me go “Gimmie!”. So without further adooo, let’s get on with what’s new and what’s ooooh. 1. These ICONIC ‘Pro Evo’  Ergonomic Makeup Brushes Ergonomic and rose gold, there’s a lot to love about these beautiful ‘Pro Evo’ makeup […]

Affordable Activewear – Autumn Winter 16/17

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The one where affordable activewear from Primark and Matalan’s Autumn/Winter 17 collection and a walk in Highgate Woods happen to try and cheer me. The couple of weeks has been miserable and 2016 has not been filling the world with joy and positivity. How can a blogger sit around and blog about lifestyle when all […]

Sponsored: Vienna the City of Dreams

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They don’t call Vienna the City of Dreams for nothing, Vienna, the capital of Austria is a must for any European trip. The once home to Mozart, Strauss and Freud, the city is filled with history, music, architecture, art and culture. With so much to see, you might want some hints from locals about what […]

Gousto Box – Review and £25 off Voucher

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There’s a new recipe box I the market and being a busy person and a serial ditherer when it comes to dinner (a dinner ditherer), I decided to give it a go. The recipes look delicious on the website and there is a good selection which get rotated every week so you’re always getting something […]

Natural Blender – Smoothies by numbers

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A while ago I traded in my coffee machine for a blender and I quickly discovered that there are a million and one things to blend. Blending disasters will happen and just because you can blend it, doesn’t mean you necessarily should. However, just because your recipe tastes nice, doesn’t mean it’s necessarily the best […]

Soft & Gentle Launch Aluminium Free Antiperspirant

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My mother is constantly going on about aluminium. It’s a known carcinogen and suspected contributor to Alzheimer but it’s used in lots of household items from foil to pots and pans. It’s even in antiperspirants. However hooray! now there’s an alternative, Soft and Gentle have created a 0% aluminium antiperspirant so you can go aluminium […]

Sass & Belle bring all the trends to Bloggers Hangout

Last weekend at The Bloggers Hangout I found out the answer to life’s biggest mystery, the answer to the question “What do you get the person who has everything”…and the answer is anything from Sass & Belle. The homewear and gift store is stocked full of quirky cutesy items and their table at The Bloggers […]

Matcha T-Tox and Faust Potions at the Bloggers Hangout

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Energy. That’s what I’m missing. I knew it was something. These days I feel so exhausted, and no wonder as I’m up at 5am and working right through till the sun goes down…and in the Summer that’s a long day. So when I was at the Bloggers Hangout recently I made sure to stop by two […]

A few ways to be an active bystander

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It’s a tense time in post referendum UK at the moment. Alongside the economic uncertainty and political scrabble for power, the result of the advisory referendum has been seen by some people who harbour xenophobia and racism, as an excuse to act violently or aggressively towards some people. You’ve may laugh at a man’s 10 […]