How to Protect Your Hair When Swimming

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One of the major things I hear from ladies who don’t swim is that they don’t want to ruin their hair and over the past few weeks I’ve seen a lot of well coiffed women doing their best to avoid getting their hair wet. I find that I wash my hair three times on a swimming […]

FitMiBody – New Concept Fitness Studio Opens in Old Street

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Personal training isn’t for everyone. It’s traditionally expensive; a 1 to 1 with a personal trainer can cost anything up to £100. Plus there’s the fact that being the sole focus of someone’s attention for 30 minutes to an hour can be immensely intimidating. So when I heard that a new studio in London’s East […]

Re-Learning to Swim – Week 1 – Anxiety

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I recently wrote about having won a course of swimming lessons from Fusion Lifestyle via UpForAChallenge (you can read about it here). The day of my first lesson of my 6 swimming lesson journey arrived and I was nervous. I’ve never even heard of a swimathon before this competition so suddenly being encouraged to enter one […]

Re-Learning to Swim – Up for a challenge

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At the beginning of year I sent a last minute entry into a competition, run by Up for a Challenge, to win a course of swimming lessons from Fusion Lifestyle and…guess where this story is going…I won! Having not swum properly since my high school years (which is a long long while ago) It seemed […]

Strawberry Delight Greek Yoghurt Pancakes

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I’ve been experimenting with protein powder as part of a fortnight of fitness thanks to PhD Woman and their really handy starter pack*. I wanted to dedicate a post to this tower of deliciousness as it tasted amazing and was surprisingly easy to throw together. As with any pancake, there was a bit of clean up after the destruction […]

Hydrofit – spinning in a Jacuzzi

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In the age old tradition of trying anything once, I headed down to Hydrofit on the Fulham Road. Lured in by the concept, Hydrofit is hydrobiking or hydrojogging in a Jacuzzi. Now I like cycling but dislike spinning as normal people do, but after trying out poolbiking and really enjoying it, surely spinning in a […]