Hi! I’m Genevieve! A London based Actress, Voice Artist, Writer and Blogger. The blogger behind this here piece of internet real estate in-fact.

FitBeauLife is a blog about fitness, beauty and lifestyle, or aspiring towards having a “fit beautiful life”. I don’t claim to be an expert or to have that kind of a lifestyle, but I’m hoping that you’ll join me on this journey towards becoming healthier, happier and having more fun. Especially the bit about having more fun.

During my blogging life I have had content featured on the front page of Google News, been nominated for The Bloggers Lounge Awards, set up three (wait four) blogs, written for even more blogs and websites and interviewed Hollywood Actors and Directors. I’ve sat on catwalk front rows, shared red carpets with celebrities and scoffed popcorn with some of the most critical critics that ever sat in cinemas. These days, I find that when I go online in my personal time, I look for honest opinions about stuff n’ things from people just like me… So that’s what FitBeauLife is about, mixing honest opinion with a curated look at a 30 something London lifestyle.

Outside of writing, I can be found recording voice-overs from my cupboard, editing those voice-overs from my tiny studio flat in East London, or trying to de-clutter that tiny studio flat in East London. You can find me on my Instagram feed or on My website when I eventually revamp it. You can also find me on imdb, or join me on twitter @gensibayan for all things acting or @fitbeaulife for a behind the scenes look at some of London’s shiniest press events.

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