New & Ooh – Ergonomic Makeup Brushes, Mermaid Drinking Receptacles and Microwaveable Notebooks

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Hello hello hello, welcome to New & Ooh, a little round up of newness that make me go “Gimmie!”. So without further adooo, let’s get on with what’s new and what’s ooooh.

1. These ICONIC ‘Pro Evo’  Ergonomic Makeup Brushes

Ergonomic and rose gold, there’s a lot to love about these beautiful ‘Pro Evo’ makeup brushes from Iconic London. I don’t know how much make up you apply but these brushes are ergonomic to make sure your hands never get tired. Over 400,000 vegan and cruelty free fibers give these brushes a cashmere like touch to help you perfect an airbrush finish.

The Pro Evo comes in two varieties, the Pro Evo Buffer (Left) and the Pro Evo Scult (Right). Both styles are available for £32.99 each at


2. These Adorable Loved-Up Mugs

Heart shaped crockery isn’t just for Valentines day, it’s for…well however long you can keep your mug in one piece for. Whether single or part of a couple, fall in love with this cute pair of mugs from Tiger Stores. These adorable heart shaped mugs are £3 at Flying Tiger stores nationwide,


3. This Unique Range of Protein from INNERMOST

Protein can be unnecessarily complicated for the busy person. We all know we are quite capable of researching for ourselves which protein is best, but there are so many opitions and so little time. This is protein simplified and made easy.

Innermost is different to other protein powders however. The four blends (The Fit One, The Strong One, The Health One and The Lean One) include ingredients such as Japanese medicinal mushrooms, pink Himalayan sea salt, bilberries, Montmorency cherries, cocomineral, turmeric, matcha green tea… the list goes on! Get Innermost Superfood Blends for £24 per 600g,


4. This Reusable Microwaveable Smart Notebook from ROCKETWAVE

A what? The Rocketwave smart notebook is reusable and each page contains a qr code which works in connection to the Rocketwave app, which in turn scans your notes and uploads them to a cloud service of your choosing. If you use the included pen (Pilot FriXion, also available separately and in different colours) the Rocketwave notebook becomes reusable (up to 5 times a page) when you put it in the microwave!

The Rocketbook Wave Reusable Notebook is £32.99, available from The Fowndry.


5. This Mermaid’s Water Bottle From PREZZYBOX

So you’re a mermaid and you live in the sea. But that doesn’t mean you’re stuck with salt water as your main beverage. Now mermaids can have fresh, fruit infused water as well. This water bottle will also make us non mermaids completely indistinguishable from the real thing….until you look at our legs that is! Up your #alwaysbeamermaid game with the Mermaid Fruit Infuser from PrezzieBox for just £7.95