Run For Your Bun – Exercise as payment café opens in London

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Ever had a pulled pork brioche bun sandwich because just because you deserved it? Ever had one just because it sounds delicious but felt guilty afterwards? Ever done a HIIT class and decided you deserved a medal and maybe that medal should be made from deliciously cooked indulgent foodie treat? From the 11th – 13th January, a pop-up café will be opening in London that will let you ‘Run for your bun’.

The ‘Run For Your Bun’ café, created by David Lloyd Clubs, aims to highlight in a novel way the important role that food and exercise play in a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Forget starving yourself to get into the shape you want, create your calorie deficit through exercise instead.

The world’s first café where diners pay for their lunch by exercising will fuse elements of a hip Scandi-style coffee shop with those of a gym. The first-of-its-kind café will swaps cash tills and contactless payment terminals for treadmills, spin bikes, rowing machines and exercise mats.

Diners simply order their lunch item from the menu and then warm up for a 10-minute high intensity interval (‘HIIT’) workout as their method of payment. They then make their exercise payment to one of the café’s personal trainers before cooling down, taking a seat and refuelling with their delicious chosen lunch.

So, the price to pay for a slow-cooked pulled pork brioche bun? That’ll be two minutes of sprints on the treadmill, two minutes of thigh-burning hill climbs on the spin bike, a rapid row and a four-minute blitz of box jump burpees, thank you.

The workout has been expertly created by personal trainers at David Lloyd Clubs and will burn around 150 calories, increase the heart rate to a fat-burning zone and tone the muscles. The high intensity nature of the workout will also trigger the so-called ‘afterburn effect’, in which the body continues to burn calories long after the workout has ended.

WHERE: 3 Slingsby Place, Covent Garden, London, WC2E 9AB

WHEN: Wednesday 11th January 12-3pm – Friday 13th January 12-3pm

ENTRY: You can book a place for you and your colleagues or friends at