Konjac Sponge Tried and Tested – An Asian Skincare Secret

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What’s a Konjac Sponge?

“A what now?” A friend of mine asked when I showed her a Konjac Sponge* from the Konjac Sponge Company that I’d been sent to review. A Konjac Sponge is a sponge made out of konjac root, you might have heard of Konjac pasta also (referred to as miracle pasta or miracle noodles or “are you sure this isn’t actually squid?”) but the Konjac Sponge is for rubbing on your face. Konjac potato, also known as Konnyaku, is native to Asia, is 97% water and grows a high altitudes. In it’s natural state it looks like this…

After it’s been through the magic of the production line it looks very different. It’s been used as a food source for millennia but in the last century it’s become more popular as part of a regular Asian skincare routine.

First Impressions

The Konjac Sponge will be a hard little dome when you first open the packaging. It isn’t meant to be used dry however, and when you wet it, it instantly soaks up all the water and softens up to the most gentle sponge you’ve ever never thought you needed.

This is what the sponge looks like before and after soaking:

I was given a bamboo charcoal konjac sponge to try out which is for oily and blemish prone skin types. The sponge is black and the bamboo charcoal is supposed to help soak up the oil and mattify.

How to use a Konjac Sponge

To use the sponge, you only need to use water, you don’t use any additional soap with it which is quite a strange sensation and unnerves me about how long the sponge will last without cultivating a colony of bacteria. It will only last between 2-3 months anyway and you’ll know when to replace it as it will start to break apart.

I’ve been using the sponge first thing in the morning as I have the world’s tiniest sink so splashing my face over it only leads to mopping up.

Does it work?

It’s said it can be used to wash away even makeup and the sponge is delicate enough for use around the eye area and on the most sensitive skin. You will find however that it won’t remove all your makeup, especially eye makeup, and you will need to use an additional cleanser or makeup remover to help with the job. However it worked well enough to not need to double cleanse and is a really fast and convenient step to add to your regular cleansing routine.

It’s so soft that you can even use it for babies skin. It didn’t feel like it exfoliated but sensitive skin might notice it it does. It’s pH neutral and biodegradable so it’s environmentally friendly. I’m told that Konjac is easy to grow and highly sustainable so if you’re worried about sea sponge being harvested for our beauty needs then this might be a better alternative for you.

Where to buy your Konjac Sponge?

There are different sponges (£8.99) for different face types and needs, from a pure Konjac sponge which is without any added clay, to red, green and pink clay and the previously mentioned bamboo charcoal sponge. The range also extends to body sponges, Konjac cloths and mini pore refiner sponges. All available at konjacspongecompany.com as well as at any of their many worldwide stockists including Marks & Spencers here in the UK.


Have you tried a Konjac sponge? Let me know your experiences with them…


*PR Sample