Learning to Twerk at Kelechnekoff Studios

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Have you ever had one of those weeks that are so utterly appalling that you just want to scream at the top of your voice and implore complete strangers in the street to punch you in the face on morning commute because you really really really don’t want to go to work. Well I’ve had one of those weeks and the universe heard me. Well, the universe (actually, the Bloggers That Slay network) mis-heard me and said “Twerk?“, so I put on my can’t-dance-gear and some bottom covering shorts and headed to an industrial estate in East London to Kelechnekoff Studios to shake what little my mother gave me, as they say in cooler circles.

Kelechnekoff studios recently opened after a successful crowdfunding campaign. Their changing room is decorated with the names of people who donated. Their signature class, the Twerk Werkz promises to get even the newest beginners twerking. Other classes include pole dance and Werk n Tone and Werk n Shred classes.

Kelechi Okafor runs the studio and led the Twerk Werkz class where I and a handful of other bloggers got our first introduction to the world of Twerking. We learned a short routine, worked on some muscle isolations and gave it our best shot.

I won’t share the video with you as it’s highly embarrassing but mostly for me forgetting all the really basic choreo. Here’s some photos instead.

We were then treated to some very welcome Protein Haus treats who apparently sell “The best protein shakes in London” and I can confirm that the Oreo shake is indeed delicious and exactly what I needed after an hour of Twerking.

protein haus smoothie

The disco lights and the party atmosphere helped lift my spirits but also really inspired me for ideas for birthday activities. I’d love to get some of my friends who laughed at the idea of twerking, up and twerking in the studio, and luckily, Kelechnekoff does have party packages available. It’s a 5 minute cab ride to the trendy parts of East London if you wanted to carry on the party.

Class prices start at £10. Head to Kelechnekoff Studios website to find out more.