Sponsored: Vienna the City of Dreams

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They don’t call Vienna the City of Dreams for nothing, Vienna, the capital of Austria is a must for any European trip. The once home to Mozart, Strauss and Freud, the city is filled with history, music, architecture, art and culture. With so much to see, you might want some hints from locals about what they love about their city before you travel.

The City of Vienna have created a video series to tempt you to visit and discover the hidden sides of the city that the tour guides might not tell you. The series, Vienna/Now, features Expats Adia Trischler and Chris Cummins who are now Viennese residents taking you on a tour of their favourite haunts.

With Chris presenting the first series and Adia the second series, the expats take you on a journey to discover the weird and wonderful of Vienna, from urban beaches to lively nightlife and tasty offerings to more morbid adventures. There’s a reason Vienna was named the world’s top city 2016 for Quality of life so click through on the video below to find out why.


On my Vienna dream list is the Ball Season. Vienna has over 450 balls a year, the type that are held in ballrooms with people Waltzing and wearing ballgowns. Of the most glamorous is the Confectioners’ Ball which sees guests dancing past 3,000 cakes that are destined to be tombola prizes which Chris visits in the series. It’s not just the pastry industry that celebrates in style, Opera Houses, Hunters, Pharmacists, Coffee Brewers and Riding Schools are among the societies that hold balls which serve as celebrations, fund raisers and the chicest of parties.


If you’re worried that Vienna is too glamorous, then Aida’s glimpse into the city’s more morbid side might appeal to you. Click through on the video to see Aida explore crypts, graveyards where the famous composers decompose and an entire funeral museum which counts among its exhibits a reusable coffin and a reusable “death knife”

Head to the Vienna/Now YouTube Channel where you can view the 18 video series.

This post was sponsored by The City of Vienna but contains the author’s own opinions.