Protein over the Festive Period – MyProtein Advent Calender & WheyBox Protein

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Let’s have a show of hands, who finds it difficult to stay away from delicious, yummy, sugary treats over the festive period? Oh hey! Me too. And to top it off, whenever I get presents, it always seems to be some form of chocolate. Thank you presents? Chocolates. Any other presents? Chocolates. It’s not that I’m not grateful, but what can you give someone who doesn’t want to consume empty calories, no matter how deliciously tempting and melt in the mouthy they are? Well here’s a couple of top tips.

A My Protein Advent Calendar


A very cool printed icy advent calendar from MyProtein means that this year, you can give the gift of anticipating Christmas to those who would normally not touch a normal advent calendar.
Each of the 25 doors. The retail industry have kinda forgotten the reason for advent calendars by stuffing them full of gifts, but MyProtein have brought back the simplicity by giving us a little taster every day, as well as a reminder that staying on track to your goals doesn’t need to be a nightmare.

Behind each door is a delicious dark chocolate coin which melts in the mouth. OK, I admit, I had one for the purposes of the review*. So one day in December I’m going to be severely disappointed. It’s a strange texture at first, It smells like chocolate and tastes like it, but the melting texture is not exactly like chocolate.

Each MyProtein chocolate coin has 1.35g of protein and only 27 calories. It’s not going be a magic miracle pill, but it might remind you to keep strong and look for healthier options when you’re a-feasting over Christmas. Priced at £4.99, it’s a really unique little treat for friends, family or even yourself.


Whey Box Protein Box

If you’re looking for a protein related gift for a friend or yourself then the Whey Box Protein company has you covered. A monthly box that’s delivered to your door with a variety of delicious flavours to keep you going. The sachets are perfectly proportioned for one serving and they sent me the cutest shaker bottle*. I believe that the monthly box comes in a form that can fit through your letterbox. The variety of flavours means you won’t get bored…an inevitability when it comes to having the same flavour drink all the time. I really liked the WheyBox Chocolate Mint flavour which I blended with some cacao nibs and almond milk to make a mint choc chip protein shake. All the flavours are easy to drink and don’t taste artificial like some brands. WheyBox have really put some time into the formulation of the flavours and have created a simple concept based on convenience. Each 30g sachet contains 22 grams of protein, 2 grams of fat, 3 grams of carbohydrates and 120 calories. Similar to other options on the market. Visit for more information.



*PR Sample for review purposes