Gousto Box – Review and £25 off Voucher

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There’s a new recipe box I the market and being a busy person and a serial ditherer when it comes to dinner (a dinner ditherer), I decided to give it a go. The recipes look delicious on the website and there is a good selection which get rotated every week so you’re always getting something different. The website gives you a brief overview of what’s in the dish and each recipe serves two. I chose a box of three recipes but you can order boxes of two, three or four meals. Gousto also has a range of vegetarian meals if you’re not a meat eater but I plumped for meat dishes.

Like many of the recipe boxes nowadays, the recipes come printed on glossy cards. Gousto are so confident that you’ll like their recipes that they’ve even punched holes in the the side of the card for you to keep in a recipe book if you actually had one.

The ingredients seem mostly fresh. The tomato and chili pepper came a little less fresh than I would have picked myself however they were perfectly edible, I replaced the bruised half of the tomato with a tomato that I had in my fridge though.

There was also an awful lot of packaging. It all appears to be recyclable but there is a lot of it. The one solitary egg had an entire tupperwear container to itself and the meat had a biodegradable wool jacket to keep it and the ice packs cold. Just unpacking the box filled me with guilt, even though it is recyclable.

The first Gousto recipe I had was the Cheesy Beef Burrito. I was astonished to discover that they were 847 calories per serving! It then became a mission to work out how to make this figure more reasonable and I ended up swapping out the full fat mayo for a lighter mayo that I already had, as well as swapping the cheese for half fat cheese that I already had opened in my fridge and using much less. Also the suggested amount of rice was way too much and in the end I discovered that I had a tortilla missing, although I’m not complaining, as I had more than enough for 2 servings and actually it ended up being 2 meals and a snack. The lime mayo was a winner, but not owning a zester meant I had to use a serrated knife to try and zest a lime. Which took longer than cooking the entire meal. However, it was delicious but I also ended up using every dish in the building to try and serve it.


The Gousto recipes don’t seem to be an exact method and it’s your dinner, you don’t have to follow the rules to the letter. I like that they send you the exact amount of condiments that you might need…excluding salt, pepper and cooking oil as it’s generally assumed that you would have these anyway. It’s also refreshing that you can choose which meals you’ll be having as well as how much you want to eat that week. I wish there were more guidelines on nutritional value on the website but all in all, the meals are delicious and the serving sizes are very generous.

Try it out for yourself and claim your first 3 recipe Gousto box for £9.99.