Collarboning – The not so new but utterly pointless posing trend

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“What’s wrong with her left shoulder?” This is a genuine conversation I had the other week as a friend of mine was scrolling through Kylie Jenner photos on a certain sidebar of shame. After being dismissed as a cynical celeb hater I pointed out that this poor girl never seems to have her jacket on properly. I found it difficult to believe that a 19 year old hasn’t figured out how to put clothes on in the intended way so I guessed there must be a reason, and it wasn’t until I came across this article by UniLad did I discover why a whole host of celebs are shrugging off their outerwear and favouring a cold shoulder.

Like thigh gap and the bikini bridge, collarboning is just another pointless posing trend to make you celebrities appear thinner and reinforce the unhealthy idea that you need to be emaciated in order to be socially acceptable. With a third of teenage girls experiencing low self esteem relating to their body image, maybe it is time for celebrities to step up and become better role models to a younger generation?

Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

Having very visible collar bones isn’t a fault in any way, but it equally isn’t a measure of your worth. It also isn’t an accurate measure of body-fat and other things that can affect the visibility of your collarbone such as posture, size of collar bone, the angle of the light. The effect can be easily spoofed…a la my example taken seconds apart on my lunch break…photos so on the fly that I didn’t even bother to take my earphones out. If I can spoof the effect with just moving my shoulders, surely it means that a prominent collar bone doesn’t necessarily mean thin.


Taken 5 seconds apart

It’s not an original idea either. In 2007, the NY times called it the “most passive-aggressive of body parts — it’s the perfect focus for a generation that […] wants to appear “effortlessly perfect.””

Last year, Chinese citizens were posting “collarbone challenge” selfies on social media which tasks participants to hold coins in their clavicle to apparently show off the distance from their clavicle to their trapezius muscle.


Now it might be my age but I don’t really understand what this new trend is actually supposed to be. Should we spend our day tensing our shoulders to force a protruding look? Shall we go about town looking like we didn’t properly put our jackets on? What are celebrities and self styled ‘influencers’ trying to communicate?

If I could have one rule of thumb for body self esteem sanity it’s this…If someone is looking at me and thinks I’m not good enough because they can’t see my skeleton…maybe they’re the one with the problem.