Natural Blender – Smoothies by numbers

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A while ago I traded in my coffee machine for a blender and I quickly discovered that there are a million and one things to blend. Blending disasters will happen and just because you can blend it, doesn’t mean you necessarily should. However, just because your recipe tastes nice, doesn’t mean it’s necessarily the best for you. That all-tropical-fruit smoothie will no doubt taste amazing, but all the fruit might spike your blood sugar and leave you snoozing under your desk by mid afternoon. So do you run the risk of adding veggies to your blend? If so, what veggies? I only ever remember I have frozen spinach but apart from that I’m always a little apprehensive about veg in my smoothies. What about super-foods that you’ve never tried and you don’t know if you really want to add it to your pantry staples. There are so many things to think about that never cross your mind when you decide one day that you should donate your coffee machine to charity.

One new company on the block is now offering a smoothie ingredient subscription service to make sure you get your 5 a day. for £24.50 they send you 5 recipe cards and all the ingredients you need to make 10 smoothies worth, two of each recipe. That works out to £2.45 a smoothie so not too bad when you take all things into consideration like sourcing ingredients and the ridiculously simple to follow recipes. If you’re like me and you see a smoothie recipe booklet and get a bit overwhelmed and end up throwing any old thing in a blender, then Natural Blender could be really handy to help shake up your smoothie game.

natural blender 1

My Natural Blender box arrived to the parcel shop looking in very good condition. The delivery service they use don’t give you a set time, only that it will arrive at some point on Saturday, and as I’m not spending my entire Saturday waiting for a courier I decided to get it delivered to Doddle. Inside the box the ingredients were packed snugly like fruit and veg Tetris. There was a LOT of cardboard and paper but it’s all recyclable.

natural blender 2

Your DIY smoothies comes with a blend list which gives you details of what’s in the box plus a handy list of what order to blend your smoothies in to make sure you get the very best from your fruit and veg. In case you don’t have ice trays, they even throw in a couple of plastic ice cube bags

Here’s the smoothie recipes I received…

1. Pearky

Have you ever had a smoothie that had pear, courgette, kiwi fruit, lambs lettuce, matcha green tea, coconut water and lemongrass? This recipe card actually came with emoji’s instead of just listing the ingredients, thankfully it was the only one as that could get quite tiresome. The ingredients are listed upside down in tiny print at the bottom of the card however. I tried this with the lemongrass and it was a really difficult half hour. The next serving I made without the lemongrass and it was much nicer. Surprisingly I didn’t notice the courgette as I spent so much time trying to get over the bristlyness of the kiwi. Seriously, how is the pulp of kiwi fruit so bristly?

natural blender 5

 2. Morning Greens

Not the most appetising of colours but this green smoothie has balanced flavours…and then you add rosemary. The Maca powder is difficult to pick out and the smoothie is actually quite nice without the rosemary in as well. It’s a nice easy introduction to maca and the bok choi and spinach means double the greens for your smoothie. Peeling a grapefruit however, is less fun than you’d think.

natural blender 6

3. The Nutty Professor

Surprisingly my favourite of the recipes, this nut flavoured smoothie tastes like peanut butter cookie dough. The taste of the kale and banana disguise each other but the main flavour is nut butter.

natural blender 7

4. A Walk on the Peach

My least favourite of the week, this giant yellow courgette based smoothie made me gag. The green thing behind it that looks like it should be the courgette is actually a mini cucumber. Cucumber and raw courgette. Just imagine how that would taste. However I would never have thought of to pick up Peruvian Lacuma Powder and team it with Goji berries so it’s nice to have a mini baptism of fire in superfood territory.

natural blender 4

5. Bright and beautiful

Beetroot, broccoli, blueberries, banana, blackcurrant powder and brazil nuts. The only thing that doesn’t begin with a ‘b’ was the ice and water. This recipe was a little more solid than I’d hoped, with all the water I had to add, it could easily make 4 servings.

natural blender 3


It seems as though there’s new recipe menus every week for you to try and you can subscribe to a box every week, or one every two. The fortnightly box is pushing the freshness a bit so you might need to be prepared to freeze some of your ingredients and work things out logistically.

There isn’t a way to rule out ingredients unfortunately, so if you have a hatred of kale or an aversion to courgette in a smoothie, tough luck, the menu is the same for everyone that week and if you don’t like it you can go to the supermarket and buy a replacement ingredient which sort of defeats the object.

However if you love subscription boxes and smoothies then this is the one for you. Natural Blender Boxes are available from and cost £24.50.