Vintage Cosmetics Company Tools Review

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You may have noticed, but I recently went to an event hosted at the wonderfully retro Vintage Cosmetics Company salon and discovered that they have a whole line of beauty and grooming tools. They’re the sort of thing that you see in the shops and think “huh, that’s cute” but then you reach for your tried and tested brand at twice the price anyway. So when Vintage Cosmetics Company gifted me a few goodies, I figured, why not try and test them for you.

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Vintage Cosmetics Company Brush Cleaning Tool*

My hot tap is HOT. Ah the joys of renting in the UK. You have two separate taps and a boiler that your landlord won’t adjust. So whenever I clean my makeup brushes, I have to get out my other pair of washing up gloves to do the job. It’s a hassle and a chore. I’ve never used one of these brush cleaning tools before so I was intrigued as to how it could be better than just cleaning your brushes manually.

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It’s made of a ridged silicone, so when it’s being used you can barely feel the temperature of the water and it fits on even my chubby fingers easily. There’s lots of room in the tip so even longer fingers would fit and nails are safe. The ridges help clean larger brushes whilst the dots are perfect for smaller brushes.

However, I can’t really see much of a difference from the Vintage Cosmetics Company Brush Cleaning Tool and other penny auction brush cleaning tools on eBay, other than the fact that this one costs £5.95, comes in fancy packaging and is available on the high street and the ones from China take a few weeks to get here.

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Vintage Cosmetics Company Rose Gold Tweezers*

Tweezers are a difficult one to get right, you need sharp accurate tips that meet perfectly with a gripping surface that can catch and keep hold of the finest hairs. You also want it to be made of a metal that lasts a long time and you want all this to be good value for money. All of these things are difficult to ascertain when they’re in plastic packaging. If the tips are too sharp then you end up pinching your skin or just cutting through the hair. Too blunt and you’ll be there for hours trying to pluck the shorter hairs.

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The Vintage Cosmetics Company Rose Gold Tweezers’ biggest selling point it that they’re really pretty. They’re rose gold and they’re really pretty. The slanted tip means that you can use them at a comfortable angle however…the flat sides of the tips don’t fully meet. This means that it’s 50/50 as to whether the hair will be plucked or cut. The are very useful for applying lashes however so all is not lost.

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Vintage Cosmetics Company Cuticle Nippers*

You know what I really like wearing? Tights. You know what the enemy of tights are? Hangnails. I don’t think I’ve ever used a pair of cuticle nippers in my life but these pretty rose gold pair might just make my life so much more easier. Apparently you’re not supposed to clip your cuticles, but hangnails on the other hand, if and when you get them, are fair game. I actually haven’t had the opportunity to use these yet but the seem solid, springy, sharp and very well made. Not to mention a very pretty addition to anyone’s manicure kit.

The Vintage Cosmetics Company do a range of tools, brushes and accessories and they’re all at a fantastic price. Not to mention, everything in their range is so cute! Head to The Vintage Cosmetics Company website.

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