Soft & Gentle Launch Aluminium Free Antiperspirant

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My mother is constantly going on about aluminium. It’s a known carcinogen and suspected contributor to Alzheimer but it’s used in lots of household items from foil to pots and pans. It’s even in antiperspirants. However hooray! now there’s an alternative, Soft and Gentle have created a 0% aluminium antiperspirant so you can go aluminium free and not sweat.

Previously, if you’ve wanted to go aluminium free, the only options were deodorants (to disguise any odours) they don’t actually stop perspiration. So this is a welcome development in the deodorant market. I had the chance to try it out* and as a long standing fan of not sweating and a habitual user of the most effective antiperspirants on the planet, it was going to do some heavy lifting to convert me.

I tried out the Floral version. The can itself is fairly short and squat and nothing special, it seems to be only in aerosol form as well which, as you know, is not good for the ozone layer. Hopefully they will bring it out in a roll on or stick form soon, but for now, a spray will have to do. Sorry world.

Soft & Gentle’s 0% Aluminium is the UK’s first aluminium free antiperspirant. There’s also no alcohol, or parabens or any hidden nasties.

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The 0% Aluminium Deodorant comes in 3 fragrances, Active, Floral and “Care”. I tried out Floral and the smell is a pretty soft flowery hint, it’s not over powering but gives enough fragrance for those that enjoy it. I presume the “care” version has less fragrance to it but the same formula. It works by using natural plant extracts with astringent properties that help temporarily shrink the size of your sweat pores and reduce perspiration. Horsetail extract is included to effectively tighten the pores and it also contains sage to help soften the skin.

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My rigorous testing consisted of wearing the 0% aluminium antiperspirant with synthetic fabrics on a hot day in London. If you’ve ever been on the underground in the Summer in rush hour then you’ll know what I’m talking about. It actually held up really well and I felt still fresh by the evening! I couldn’t tell any difference from it than other antiperspirants which is personally what I’m after.

Right now Soft & Gentle 0% Aluminium Antiperspirant is available for £2.99 from Superdrug.

What’s your favourite antiperspirant? Does aluminium content in products concern you?