Matcha T-Tox and Faust Potions at the Bloggers Hangout

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Energy. That’s what I’m missing. I knew it was something. These days I feel so exhausted, and no wonder as I’m up at 5am and working right through till the sun goes down…and in the Summer that’s a long day. So when I was at the Bloggers Hangout recently I made sure to stop by two brands that caught my eye, the two brands have similar goals but very different approaches.

We wanna wake up in the morning and feel full of sparkle and zest for life, but we also want to be able to wind down, relax and we want to do this in as natural a way as possible…am I right? Well maybe I want these things.

faust potions 3

Faust Potions

So I stopped by Faust Potions to find out more about their curious looking vials. The Faust Potions come in two versions, Asleep and Awake.
The Awake potions are designed to kick start your day or revive you back to life with a blend of vitamins and minerals. The 25ml shot contains Green Tea, Ginseng and Guarana to sharpen the mind and aid concentration as well as antioxidant properties, vitamins, amino acids and herbal extracts. The vitamin B and C boost works alongside the natural ingredients to give you a quick orangy shot of energy.

faust potions 1
The Asleep potion is blended to help you wind down at the end of the day without putting you to sleep. The non drowsy drink is to be taken before going to bed but contains a blend of honey, magnesium, 5HTP (which helps with seratonin levels) antioxidents and red berry flavouring, all of which help you relax naturally into a deep sleep. Faust Potions are £12.75 for 5 vials and are available via their online store.

ttox 1

T-Tox Matcha

T-Tox Matcha is Matcha tea blended with other superfood. The three recepies are Health, Energise and Recovery. Matcha contains up to 137x the disease-fighting polyphenols named epigallocatechin gallate (better known as EGCG) compared to 1 cup of it’s green tea counterparts. Made from the whole leaf, Matcha tea drinkers get 100% of the goodness as opposed to a dilute infusion. As well as being healthy, matcha is known for calming the mind and body, is rich in chlorophyll and vitamins and helps increase energy and fight fatigue. So T-Tox have created 3 blends that will keep things fresh.

ttox 2
Health contains 63% Matcha and also contains Moringa powder to help boost the immune system and reduce tiredness.
The Energise blend also contains ginger powder, siberian ginseng powder, guarana powder and ginko biloba powder.
Recovery contains peppermint powder, milk thistle powder, spirulina, nettle and lavender powder. All of which make a really palatable and healthy drink.
T-Tox is available from the t-tox website