I curated my own PINK PARCEL at the Bloggers Hangout

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It’s not every day you get to curate your own “subscription box” but last weekend at the Bloggers Hangout, I got a taste of what being a buyer at Pink Parcel must be like…and it was difficult. The problem was that Pink Parcel partners with some of the hottest newest brands as well as stalwarts of the beauty world so there was just so much choice. Thankfully though, the Pink Parcel team were on hand to guide me through it.

Pink Parcel is a monthly subscription box that you schedule to arrive for your time of the month. The parcel, which fits through 98% of letter boxes, contains sweet treats, exclusive blends of tea, sanitary products and some things to pamper yourself with. For just £6.99 for your first box and £10.50 including p&p afterwards, it’s the fastest growing subscription box at the moment and subscribers actually looking forward to having their period.

pink parcel 1
My first item was a sweet treat, a Fudge Kitchen Double Trouble gourmet butter fudge which reminded me of the seaside. Everyone needs a sugary buttery bite now and again, especially when your energy is low.

pink parcel 2
Next was a tricky one, do you go for tried and tested brands like OPI or a lesser known brand like Lottie? I picked the Lottie nail varnish in a creamy aptly named blogger babe shade. A neutral shade that will go with anything.

pink parcel 3
The next choice was a breakout themed choice from two well known high street brands. Hormone fluctuations can make our skin flare up so I picked a Cucumber Deep Cleansing Peel off face mask from Montagne Jeunesse. Also, I learned that Concombre is the french for Cucumber.

pink parcel 4
The next basket was the trickiest, do you go for the well known tried and tested ROC, I mean, my face does need multi-correction. Or do you go for a newer brand of SPF, because all the sunshine we’re getting at the moment. I went for the shiniest choice, Lip Glam, a UK made 100% natural lip balm.

pink parcel 5
Then I had to choose between an LED light up lipstick or Bourjois Beauty’full mascara. As I don’t generally find the need to put lipstick on in the dark, although it is a fantastically wonderful concept, I went for the mascara.

pink parcel 6

The next product was the Jelly Pong Pong Supercharged eyeshadow. The eyeshadow duo is a glamorous gold and an electric blue. I can’t wait for the opportunity to wear it.

pink parcel 7

Tea helps everything and my next item was an individual tea bag from The English Tea Shop lovingly wrapped in its own box. There’s a tea bag in every Pink Parcel, and although you probably drink tea more than once a month, it’s nice to have a taster when you’re trying new brands and flavours.

No Pink Parcel is complete without sanitary protection so these were added, as were some exclusive Jealous Sweets. You even get a drawstring bag for your sanitary items in a simple black muslin. Trips to the bathroom won’t be so embarrassing for your colleagues now.

pink parcel 8


Pink Parcel is available for £6.99 for your fist box and £10.50 inluding P&P after that. However you can get your first box for £5 by using the code PINK16

pink parcel 9