Can you regenerate your tooth enamel? REGENERATE ENAMEL SCIENCE Review

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Nothing gets on my nerves like the pain from sensitive teeth (Ba dum dum cha). Jokes aside, even the healthiest of people find that the most suprising of their lifestyle choices can contribute to tooth enamel. From vinegary salad dressings to juicing and smoothies, acid wears away tooth enamel. It’s not just acid erosion that we’re fighting, even something as simple as not getting enough Vitamin D can chip away at our smiles.

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When I was hanging out at The Bloggers Hangout on the weekend, I learned from Regenerate that enamel erosion causes up to 80% of dental problems! Now ask anyone which is more attractive, a beautiful smile or a beautiful body, most people are going to say “smile” so it’s shocking that we would overlook something so important as our teeth.

Dr Mark Hughes, co-founder of the Harley Street Dental Studio, says the problem of enamel erosion is a growing one, thanks to people retaining their own teeth into older age. He warns that some dentists are so preoccupied with treating gum disease and tooth decay that vital chances to tackle erosion are being missed. Hi colleague Dr Adam Thorne adds so-called ‘healthy habits’, such as sipping carbonated water or fruit juices, can hasten the damage. “Acid erosion is a growing problem; this is partly due to the trend for grabbing acidic juices when on the go or snacking little and often. It means our teeth are exposed to acid throughout the day, rather than sticking to three meals a day. Carbonated water is another culprit, if you constantly sip rather than drinking a glass in one go. Try to use a straw to direct the water down your throat rather than towards your teeth.”

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Now I like a fruit juice and a smoothie or two, or three, so I know that it isn’t the best thing for my teeth. Regenerate gave me a Regenerate Enamel Science Boosting Serum kit and Toothpaste* to try out and I was more than willing to.

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The Unileaver product actually had an advert banned in 2014 for saying that the product could actually regenerate tooth enamel. The official line now is that the technology in the product “could help” regenerate the enamel by restoring tooth mineral content.

The content in question is named as NR-5 TM Technology and works to re-mineralise the tooth. Once tooth enamel is lost, the body can’t restore it. Regenerate’s NR-5 technology can help re-mineralise the tooth as it contains calcium silicate and phosphate salts which combined to form calcium hydroxyapatite (HAP), the mineral crystal constituent of tooth enamel. Every time you use the product, a layer of HAP is deposited onto the tooth which repaired early invisible surface lesions and restored the surface micro-hardness of the tooth enamel.

The Regenerate Enamel Science Serum kit comes with two trays, a case for them, one for each arch, a tube of boosting serum and tube of activator. It’s fairly straight forward, you mould the trays to your teeth by dipping them in boiling water, a plastic attachment is provided for this so you don’t burn yourself, then you mould them to the shape of your teeth. You add a layer of serum then a layer of activator into the tray then put it in your mouth for 3 minutes.

Aside from the trays being on the large size I found the whole process really easy. The instructions are so tiny however but once you’ve found your magnifying glass then it’s straight forward. The gel tastes pretty minty, it has the taste and consistency of a very mild toothpaste. The difference here is that the serum leaves a mineral deposit on your teeth which has a slightly white look to it. If you haven’t whitened your teeth recently then it will show up those tiny fissures it fills in. However at least you know it’s doing something. You do the 3 minute serum treatment three times a month on consecutive days, then use the toothpaste as a regular toothpaste.

The toothpaste comes in a very rubbery tube with a chrome plastic cap. The toothpaste itself is also sparkly and is possibly the most indulgent toothpaste I’ve ever seen. At £10 a tube, it would have to be special.

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Usnileaver has done trials of Regenerate and the outcomes were that it does help to re-mineralise and protect tooth enamel. I wasn’t expecting miracles but from the few days I’ve had to try it out, I can see how it would work to create a barrier and harden the tooth. My teeth don’t feel any different, which is a good thing, and it’s a very gentle process from start to finish. I don’t know if it will give enough of an effect to make me wnt to return, but if I was spending this much on just toothpaste, it would definately make me think twice about every day enamel erosion and you’re reminded twice a day.

Regenerate Enamel Science Boosting Serum costs £30 and the Regenerate Enamel Science Toothpaste is £10, available from Boots and Look Fantastic.

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