Pink Parcel teams up with The Vintage Cosmetics Company #VintagePink

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No one needs a subscription especially created to help her cope with her periods, but every girl could do with treating herself especially around her time of the month. Pink Parcel merges subscription beauty box with female hygiene products and other adorably girly things that reminds its subscribers that it’s OK to embrace their femininity. It’s a message that I whole heatedly agree with, especially as there’s so much pressure for women to be more like men instead of being happy with themselves. Pink Parcel is almost like a mini monthly present to yourself (or a female friend or loved one) …a celebration or consolation, whichever you like.

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This month Pink Parcel have teamed up with The Vintage Cosmetics Company and in every July box will be a very special pair of Rose Gold coloured tweezers. The Rose Gold slanted tweezers don’t seem to be available anywhere else just yet so they’re exclusive to Pink Parcel for the month apparently.

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I hate writing the phrase “I was lucky enough” but I’ll be honest, it was a delight and I was lucky enough to be invited to the Pink Parcel and The Vintage Cosmetics Company collaboration launch party at The Vintage Cosmetics Company Blow Dry Bar on High Holborn. The Blow Dry Bar is currently undergoing refurbishment but on Thursday 16th June it was filled with eyelashes, prosecco, bloggers and journalists.

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I had my brows groomed using the rose gold tweezers, then had The Vintage Cosmetics Company Betty eyelashes put on before having my makeup applied with Bella Pierre mineral makeup, who Pink Parcel also partners with.

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I also sipped on True Nopal Cactus Water, made from the prickly pear cactus, which tastes like a very watery aloe vera drink and contains only 9 calories per 100ml.

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There’s still time to sign up for the July box to get your Rose Gold Tweezers. The rest of the box is a surprise, and in-fact even if you’re only after the tweezers it’s a bargain as your first box is £6.99 including p+p (following boxes are £10.50). If you were to buy the tweezers on their own, they may set you back upwards of £8.

Every box contains the following:

Tea: Because a cup of tea solves everything!
Tampons: Brands you know – plus something new
Pads: All of your favourite brands
Something sweet: To help hit that PMS craving spot
Beauty products: For that all important pamper time

For more information, visit The Vintage Cosmetic Company & Pink Parcel

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