Eye of Horus – Hero Products Review

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Australian make-up brand Eye of Horus have concentrated their efforts on a few core products but they’re making waves worldwide earning them cult status in Australia, New Zealand and The Philippines and recently becoming finalists in the 2014 Beauty Shortlist Awards in the ‘Best Mascara’ and ‘Best Eye Liner’ categories for their Goddess Mascara and Liquid Define. Among Eye of Horus fans are celebrities including Danni Minogue and Professional Make-up Artists.

The Eye of Horus symbol is an ancient Egyptian symbol of protection, royal power and good health. The eye is personified in the goddess Wadjet is also known as ”The Eye of Ra”.

The Eye of Horus brand naturally uses the symbol as part of their logo and it seems to have brought them good luck as their products have received amazing reviews and are flying off the virtual shelves. BeautyBay recently started selling Eye of Horus in November 2014 and have completely sold out of the Goddess Mascara in little over a month.

The brand was created after Holly Spierings recognised a gap in the market and joined forces with friend and Make-Up Artist Amy Lennane, big sister and Beauty Retail Expert Nicole Spierings and Business Entrepreneur Heather Spierings. Eye of Horus do not test on animals and their products are paraben-free and rich in essential oils and natural waxes.


eye of horus godess mascara and liquid define

Does the Eye of Horus Goddess Mascara and Liquid Define live up to the hype?

The Eye of Horus packaging is a lux black affair with gold coloured interior embossed with the slogan “Awaken the Goddess Within”.

eye of horus godess mascara 1

The mascara wand is flexible and the brush is ever so subtly narrower in the centre. The short bristles allow control and definition with no gimmicks. The mascara is of a thinner consistency than most mascaras but it builds very quickly allowing you to build up to the desired effect without having to wait for the coat to dry. In fact, if you let it dry and try to apply a second coat, you’ll find it ends up clumping. The quicker the better with this product, and that suits me just fine.

I’m not a fan of having to wipe excess mascara off the wand before applying as a believer in value for money, luckily this didn’t need a wipe as the bottle is very well designed, the neck catches most of the excess and still leaves a generous amount on the brush to work with.

The pigment is very dark as you would expect from a product that takes its inspiration from Egyptian Kohl and it builds up to your required intensity. The formula contains natural waxes plant-based ingredients including Carnauba, Candellia, Rice bran, Bees Wax and its star ingredient is Moringa oil which is extremely rich in phytonutrients, vitamins and fatty acids and was among the treasures found in King Tutankhamen’s tomb. The ‘Goddess Mascara’s natural formula make this perfect for sensitive eyes and it can be used on brittle lashes and eyelash extensions.

The jet black formula is perfect for my tiny eyelashes but it also lengthens whilst still remaining flexible. The wax and oil formula give it a slightly glossy finish which doesn’t flake off or smudge but is easy to remove with either warm water or eye makeup remover.

Eye of Horus ‘Goddess Mascara’ RRP £17

eye of horus goddess mascara
Eye of Horus’ Liquid Define eye liner delivers a solid black line with a sturdy precision felt tip pen applicator. The formula is ridiculously fast drying, super smudge-proof and water resistant

eye of horus liquid define 2

The Liquid Define liquid liner has an ingenious hidden feature essentially doubling it’s life and effectiveness. When you feel like the liner isn’t flowing as easily as it did, the Liquid Define features a reversible nib which you pull out using tweezers, turn around and place back in.

eye of horus liquid define 1

This feature was an absolute real goddess-send for me as mine had dried out after sitting in my “to review” basket for quite a while. I almost binned the liner, kicking my own silly self for letting it dry out but then I found this video and it transformed my Eye of Horus Liquid Define into a brand new liner.

Eye of Horus ‘Liquid Define’ RRP £13

You can get your hands on Eye of Horus at BeautyBay