London Fashion Week AW12-13: Sophie Hulme Presents Dinosaurs

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Dinosaurs are usually the obsession of primary school children and Palentologists. Not normally the inspiration of high fashion, they brought a refreshingly upbeat aspect to the bleak Autumn Winter season. Sophie Hulme’s AW12-13 collection,  presented at London Fashion Week, was inspired by toy dinosaurs and classic mens fairisle jumpers bringing dinosaurs into the 21st Century and into the lives of grown women.


Dinosaur shapes in lace made of wool graced dresses, skirts and jackets. This delicate lace was inset with panels of leather or layered as panels of detail on dresses. Leather featured heavily in the collection and in the accompanying accessories line. Belts, bags and luggage in reptilian textured leather made from calf and eel sported brass dinosaurs or were adorned with dinosaur charms.


Fairisle jumpers in mohair and cashmere, jackets in goatskin brought a wooly mammoth feel. Belts with brass wooly mammoths added an extra prehistoric charm to the collection. The colour pallet drew from a range of navy blue, light grey and accents of bright pink on a monochrome backdrop. I could be wrong but I’m sure that wooly mammoths and t-rex’s didn’t exist at the same time but who am I to poke holes in Sophie Hulme’s adorable collection.